World of Darkness: Blood-Dimmed Tides


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The Blood-Dimmed Tide Is Loosed

Not all of the World of Darkness fearsome denizens haunt the cities or stalk the woods. At the bottom of wine-dark seas lurk ancient horrors unknowable to humanity, creatures that prowl the fringes of a world wholly unlike our own. And sometimes hunger drives these creatures to swim upward in search of prey.

And Everywhere the Ceremony of Innocence Is Drowned

World of Darkness: Blood-Dimmed Tides is a sourcebook exploring the oceans of the World of Darkness, from the vampires and shapeshifters that have learned to call such depths home to the hideous creatures that lurk in the deepest ocean trenches. Suitable for players and Storytellers alike, this book offers advice and rules for taking existing characters on fishing trips, or even for running ocean-based chronicles as a change of pace. Explore the other 70% of the World of Darkness the waters a little cold, but you get used to it.


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