Who Knows Better?


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  • Slapstick Superlatives: Decide which of your friends will walk away with each ridiculous title – while blindfolded of course!
  • Fun For All: This card game is perfect for players ages 12 and up. Get the whole family involved!
  • How to Play: The host reads a question to the blindfolded team of two players in the hot seat. The blindfolded players then point to who they think the question applies to – either themselves or their partner. If they point to the same person, they get a point! If they don’t, sorry, no points this time. Once they’ve answered 5 questions, the next pair gets the hot seat! Keep score on the score pad and play until each pair has gone 4 times!
  • What’s Inside: 300 Question Cards, 4 Pairs of Glasses, 1 Score Pad, and Instructions
  • More Fun: There’s more where this came from. Check out What Do You Meme?’s whole collection of fun and games for kids, families, and adults!


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