Werewolf: The Wild West / Wraith: The Oblivion – Ghost Towns


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Ghost Towns Ain’t All Deserted

The Savage West is dotted with numerous sites that wraiths call home. Of course, when those wraiths start becoming a problem for the local Garou, relations between werewolves and ghosts sometimes get ugly. Just how ugly depends on what town you’re talking about, and which particular pack of Garou…

Werewolves and Ghosts Side-by-Side

Ghost Towns offers a wealth of information to Storytellers wishing to incorporate events from beyond the Shroud in their Werewolf: The Wild West chronicles. Whether the chronicle demands area-specific information or a well-defined system for integrating ghosts into their story, Ghost Towns details it all. A unique resource for the ever-popular crossover World of Darkness games, Ghost Towns is a boon to Werewolf and Wraith players alike.

Ghost Towns includes

  • Settings for fine individual ghost towns as well as rules on how to create an entirely new one
  • hints and tips for involving the Restless Dead in a Werewolf: The Wild West chronicle
  • Numerous story arcs and chronicle foundations – and guidelines for Storytellers to create their own.


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