Werewolf: The Wild West – Storytellers Screen


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It’s the Savage West, Tenderfoot!

The world of Werewolf: The Wild West is a fearsome and dangerous place. Texas Tarantulas and Storm Eater spirit minions are everywhere, while the Enlightened Society of Weeping Moon converts its followers under night skies. How’s a Storyteller supposed to tie all the elements of the Savage West together? With the help of Frontier Secrets, of course!

Frontier Secrets includes:

  • A durable screen that contains a plethora of reference information in one convenient location;
  • Secret Storytellers only stuff printed herein to keep out of the players’ grubby mitts;
  • A wealth of extra Gifts, fetishes, antagonists, other Changing Breeds and other sundry items to add depth and detail to any Werewolf: The Wild West chronicle.


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