Warhammer 40,000 (8th Edition): Sanctus Reach – The Red Waaagh! Campaign Supplement (Hard Cover)


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The Red Waaagh! descends on the world of Alaric Prime, intent on plunging the sector into war. The beleaguered Imperial forces of the planet prepare to sell their lives dearly to drive back the alien tide.

Warboss Grukk has carved a bloody path across the stars, leaving the smoking ruins of cities and corpse-strewn battlefields in the wake of his mighty Red Waaagh!. Now the Face-rippa’s green-tide is flooding into the Sanctus Reach, and the world of Alaric Prime stands alone against his vast Ork armies. And yet, Alaric is no mere bastion of the Imperium, but rather a Knight world – ancient and proud. Unwilling to consider defeat, the Nobles of Alaric and their Cadian allies ready their mighty war machines and prepare to defend their world no matter the cost. Soon Ork and Knight will face each other across the blasted isles of Alaric, and the fate of the entire sector will be decided in fire and blood.


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