Warhammer 40,000: (7th Edition) Illuminor Szeras


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Illuminor Szeras sees battle at best as a waste of time and resources that is only warranted in order to harvest the necessary specimens for his studies. The crazed Cryptek Technomancer only takes to the field in order to make sure the phaeron he has currently attached himself to does not renege on their part of the bargain.

On the field of battle, Szeras sometimes leads a harvesting squad toward a promising specimen personally. A scientist to the core, Szeras is not the most fearsome of opponents, although he can certainly stand on his own thanks to the unholy resilience of his necrodermis body and his wargear.

However, Szeras’ most dangerous contribution to a battle is his intimate knowledge of organic anatomical structure, allowing him to drastically augment the performance of the present Necron Warriors and Immortals. Finecast Model.


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