Warhammer 40,000 (4th Edition): The Avatar of Khaine


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On the battlefield, the Avatar towers above the Eldar warriors, his presence filling them with memories of their glorious past and with savage bloodlust, thus making them more courageous fighters. He is utterly fearless, and often spearheads the Eldar attack, slaying his foes with The Wailing Doom, a legendary weapon that can take the form of a sword, axe or spear. The weapon can even smite his foes at a distance, immolating them with a nimbus of burning psychic energy. In melee Avatar crush its foes with a mighty Hand of Khaine – molten metal gauntlet that constantly bathed in the still-warm blood of a young Aspect Warrior.

An Avatar is a very tough being of super-heated iron, with a molten lava core. Heat-based weapons are rendered ineffective against him, due to the nature of his body. So hot is an Avatar’s body that most shots from projectile weapons, including bolters fired at point-blank range, will be incinerated before impact; the few that do penetrate the body will suffer a similar fate before they can explode. Even if destroyed, an Avatar’s essence reforms in the Craftworld’s central chamber, so that he may return to continue the eternal struggle against those who oppose the Eldar.


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