Warhammer 40,000 (10th Edition): T’au Empire Army Set – Kroot Hunting Pack


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Alien Auxiliaries

The expansion of the T’au Empire is driven ever onward by the armies of the Fire Caste and the many allied alien forces who fight alongside them, sworn to the furtherance of the Greater Good. The most ubiquitous of these auxiliaries are the Kroot. These ferociously predatory beings are masters of fieldcraft, cunning ambush and guerrilla warfare. At range they employ skirmishing tactics, harassing their foes with volleys of firepower and staying on the move to avoid retaliation. Yet it is up close that the Kroot truly excel, surging into battle with ululating war cries, tearing their enemies limb-from-limb and then – if they Shapers allow it – feasting upon the carcasses of their fallen foes.


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