Warhammer 40,000 (10th Edition): Space Marines – Terminator Squad


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Behold the indomitable force of Terminator Squads, warriors who stride onto the battlefield encased in the formidable Tactical Dreadnought armor, a marvel of technology that renders its wearer nearly impervious to all manner of threats, from the rigors of teleportation to the most thunderous artillery barrages. These elite Space Marines advance with unwavering determination, either advancing methodically or materializing in a burst of teleportation energy, impervious to enemy assaults while delivering relentless counterfire.

With this meticulously crafted multipart plastic kit, you can assemble a squad of five Terminators, battle-hardened Space Marines clad in heavy, virtually impenetrable armor. Each Terminator is armed with a rapid-fire storm bolter in combination with either a crushing power fist or an armor-piercing chainfist. Additionally, one Terminator has the option to carry a specialized weapon – choose from a heavy flamer, an assault cannon, or a cyclone missile launcher mounted on their back. For added distinction, you can create a Terminator Sergeant adorned with honor markings, complete with the choice to equip him with a power weapon instead of a fist.

This versatile kit further includes a teleport homer mounted on its dedicated base, providing both functional utility and visual flair. Elevate the visual appeal of your Terminators with an array of customization options, including interchangeable fist and gun arms, adorned with purity seals and battle honors, embellished tassets, a selection of tilting plates for the Sergeant, and an ample supply of bare heads or helmets to suit the preferences of your entire squad. Prepare to field an unstoppable force of Terminators, ready to conquer any challenge that the galaxy throws their way!


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