WarCry: Horns of Hashut


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The Horns of Hashut are heralds of ruin and desolation, relentless destroyers sent forth by the Father of Darkness. Each region they conquer is pulverised, stripped, and rendered barren for the industrial tyranny of their daemonic god. The Horns of Hashut wage war like a raging taurus, stampeding over their foe to crush them entirely, swinging heavy weapons while unleashing cruel devices of duardin design – choking ash bombs and infernal flamehurlers.

This multipart plastic kit builds a full warband of the Horns of Hashut, for use in games of Warcry. Led by Ruinator war-leaders, these zealous slavers don work-leathers, chains, and scaled armour for battle. While the elites wear brazen war-masks and wield a variety of flails, horned bidents, ash bombs, and flame-hurling devices, the warband’s lesser Shatterers are armed with tools of labour such as hammers and mattocks. These models can also be used as part of a Slaves to Darkness army in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

This set contains 10 plastic miniatures:
– 1x Ruinator Alpha (with a War Bident or Heavy Flail)
– 1x Ruinator
– 3x Demolishers with Crushing Weapons
– 1x Demolisher with Crushing Weapon and Shield
– 1x Demolisher with Flamehurler
– 3x Shatterers


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