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Wallachia 20 features two complete games covering a pair of important major battles fought during the Russo-Turkish War of 1806 – 1812 for control of the key Danube river port of Rousse in the province of Wallachia.

Rousse 20 simulates the earlier of these two engagements, fought on 22 June, 1811. In this battle Ottoman forces advanced northwards, towards the present day Bulgarian-Romanian frontier. Russian infantry and cannons were able to stall the polyglot Ottoman army, and although they managed to eke out a marginal victory their commander, General Kutuzov, chose to yield the key town of Rousse to the Ottomans, convincing them they had won a great victory. The Czar was not pleased.

Slobozia 20 focuses on the latter battle of 2 October 1811. In this engagement Kutuzov conducted a surprise march which cut off and surrounded the bulk of the Ottoman army, trapping it on the northern (Bulgarian) shore of the Danube. The result was a decisive Russian victory that permitted negotiations to end the war. This had the dual advantage of allowing Russia to transfer key reserves to oppose Napoleon’s invasion of Russia in 1812, and also prevented Austria from contributing more forces to support the French invasion.


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