Visions of War – The Art of Wayne Reynolds


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  • Take a journey through the amazing worlds of master artist Wayne Reynolds with Visions of WAR, a retrospective of more than 10 years of work from today’s leading fantasy illustrator! Packed with full-color covers, interior art, and card art from award-winning work on brands like the Pathfinder Roleplaying GameDungeons & DragonsWorld of Warcraft, Magic: The Gathering, and more, this exciting overview includes behind-the-scenes stories about some of fantasy’s most exciting images, as well as gorgeous paintings you’ve never seen before! With an introduction from Paizo Publisher Erik Mona and notes from the artist himself, Visions of WAR provides an unparalleled look at the work of fantasy gaming’s champion illustrator.
  • Wayne Reynolds is a leading fantasy gaming artist, with fans from virtually every major hobby gaming brand.


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