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The Legends of the Damned

Where do vampires come from? What creatures of myth do they fear? What legends do they tell about the Blood? Find out. Hear tales of the monsters that hunt the Kindred. Read the legends of the Roman vampires who founded the clans. Learn about the disease that’s destroying the Damned. Some of it may even be true.

A mythic history book for Vampire: The Requiem™

• A compendium of legends and rumors for Vampire players and Storytellers alike — find out what your character has heard about the Requiem from others of his kind.

• Offers multiple possible origin myths for the Kindred, passed down over millennia or discovered in ancient vampire sites throughout the globe.

• A wicked selection of chilling new monsters, allies, artifacts and mystic rituals ripe for use in any World of Darkness story.


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