Vampire: The Requiem – Carthians


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Idealism and Blood

They are the young idealists and passionate revolutionaries of the Damned, rallying in the dark against the jagged, outdated social chains of Kindred society. When Carthians have their way, the Danse Macabre plays out on a level floor still sticky with blood. Come together and change the night!

A Covenant Guide for Vampire: The Requiem™

• Examines the truth behind Carthian philosophy and activism for both table-top and live-action games

• Features new bloodlines, Merits and Disciplines for players exploring a Carthian Requiem

• Shows Storytellers how to create unique Carthian states for their own chronicles

• Reveals Carthian Law, the covenant’s power to suppress the Disciplines of other Kindred ― a power never before seen in Vampire: The Requiem™


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