Twilight Imperium: Embers of the Imperium


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The Fate of the Galaxy Rests in Your Hands

Since the fall of the Lazax Empire, the galaxy has been plagued by thousands of years of chaos, war, and isolation. Now, finally, the once-great civilizations have restored some semblance of their former glory, and have cast covetous eyes on the wider galaxy once more.

Each of the major galactic powers has sent representatives to the ancient Imperial capital of Mecatol Rex. There they have jointly reconvened the Galactic Council, publicly pledging to work together even as they privately scheme to claim the Imperial throne for themselves. But even as they plot to conquer the galaxy, threats both new and old stir at the edges of known space.

You are one of the Keleres, an agent of the Council tasked to eliminate those threats. You are empowered with the Council’s authority, but burdened with their factionalism and infighting. Unappreciated, unsupported, and all too often expendible, you and your cohort may be the only thing standing between the galaxy and destruction.

This supplement for the Genesys roleplaying game includes:

  • A detailed guide to the galaxy of Twilight Imperium and its most important worlds.
  • Overviews of each of the galactic powers that vie for the Imperial Throne.
  • Character creation options for playing fifteen iconic species and nine unique careers, including the Covert Infiltrator, Orbital Drop Soldier, and Wayfarer.
  • New weapons, gear, vehicles, starships, ancient relics, and other items essential for adventuring from the heart of civilized worlds to the furthest reaches of the galactic rim.
  • Expanded rules for individual agendas that can inspire you to work with your teammates to accomplish difficult goals or tempt you to betray your oath to the Keleres and even your fellow agents!
  • A host of dangerous adversaries and powerful allies. Make deals with Hacan merchants, duel in the void with the psychic starfighter aces of the Naalu, or engage in desperate battles with L1Z1X Legionnaires and the horrific abominations of the Vuil’raith!


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