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Game is themed around a purification ritual of the ancient Etruscan people, who predated the Roman Empire around 6th century B.C. Each player represents a different temple, faithful to the divinities Achvizr, Alpan, Leinth, and Thalna. On “Tagete’s” day, the Etruscan Haruspexes [priests] proceed down the path of purification to the Velthumena Altar.

Each player has 8 pawns representing “Haruspexes” [priests] in their color. Each player is trying to move their priests along the path of purifiction from their home temple to the altar at the center of the board. One player may also choose the path of darkness and consecrate themselves to the divinity “Tuchulcha” with the goal of elminating all rival priests. This role is only available in 3 and 4 player games. If a player chooses this path, then another single player may consecrate themselves to “Lasa Vecuvia” with a different set of powers. This player’s goal is to now move their priests to set “passages” on the path and place 4 seals to win the game. This role is only available in 4 player games.

Players win by having the most priests in the center altar at game end. If a player chooses Tuchulcha’s power, they win by eliminating all other priests, and lose if any priest enters the altar. A player that chooses the Lasa Vecuvia power wins only by placing all 4 seals.


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