Trailer Park Wars!: Terror in the Trailer Park


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Unleash mayhem with this 2013 expansion to the base game Trailer Park Wars!
Because it’s fun. That’s why.

Add to your Trailer Park Wars Game with this frighteningly fun expansion.
Terror in the Trailer Park includes:
24 new trailers
75 Trailer Park Wars! Cards
50 Purple Yard Flamingo Miniatures (NEW Color!!)
12 Trailer Park Name Tiles

Shuffle the cards into the base game cards, name your trailer park (how about Bloody Bones Diseased Swamp?) and get ready to release a reign of terror!

New characters include: Steve the Serial Killing Carnie, the Mega-Church Pastor, Blammo the Birthday Clown as tenants along with Zombie Chihuahuas, Bunny-Crab Spider, and Flying Spider Monkeys.

New Amenities, too! Get a Bacon Vending Machine or a Kommando Kitten.

Add this expansion to your Trailer Park Wars Game for a Gut Bustin’ Great Time!


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