Total Recall Cinematic Adventure


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Join the resistance. Liberate Mars. Explore space. Create your own futuristic characters in Total Recall, where Mars, memory, and mayhem are always in orbit. By the year 2084, humanity has expanded across the solar system, with colonies on most planets—or their moons for the more gaseous worlds. Cruise ships sail between worlds, carrying the wealthy to exotic vacation spots. For the rest of us, there’s Rekall—a company that implants memories of incredible vacations without all the hassle and expense of the real thing!  Compatible with the Everday Heroes System. Highlights of the Total Recall Cinematic Adventure include:

  • A wealth of lore about the world of the film
  • New hero-building options
  • Tools and guidance for game masters
  • 5e compatible rules for mutation and life in space
  • New Classes: Martian Gadgeteer, Mind Doctor, Mutant, Spy
  • New Backgrounds: Mutant Legacy, Rekall Adjusted, Space-Born
  • New rules mechanics: Atmosphere, Gravity, Human Shields, Memory Modification


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