Three Sticks


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Three Sticks is a board game that takes geometry to the next level. Players are challenged to think creatively and use only three types of sticks to create geometric shapes. In each turn, players add two sticks to the board and earn points for the shapes created. With compelling game mechanics and exciting surprises, Three Sticks is a promising entertainer for both kids and adults.

Players begin with six sticks, chosen randomly using reload cards. The three types of sticks, purple, orange and red, are 3, 4 and 5 units long respectively and can be placed along the blue dots marked on the board. While all three sticks can be placed horizontally or vertically, red stick can also be placed diagonally.

Each player places two sticks in their turn, with each stick’s tip touching the tip of at least one other stick on the board. If a geometric shape is created in the process, the player earns points. Points are awarded as per three parameters :
1. Perimeter of the shape
2. Bonus as per the type of the shape
3. Points in blue circles, if the shape surrounds any such circles on the board.

Once all six sticks are used, a player may collect six more by picking a reload card. Additionally, five power cards are distributed to each player at the beginning of the game. These cards provide special powers to the players that can improve their position in the game or slow down the progress of other players. The cards may be used in any turn up to a maximum of two per turn.

The first player to reach a score of 500 wins the game.


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