The Lord of the Rings: Middle-Earth – Range Measurers


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Designed for use with the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game, this is a set of 7 measuring rulers – supplied on silver metallic plastic – in a variety of shapes which tie in thematically to Middle-earth itself. Use them to measure space between models for combat, casting magic and moving your models. Each is tied to a specific theme – Sting measures 4”, which is the distance Hobbits can be moved in-game, and Gandalf’s staff is a mighty 12”: the range of most spells. Included:

– A Morgul-blade, measuring 3”;
– Sting, measuring 4”;
– Gimli’s Axe, measuring 5”;
– Glamdring, measuring 6”
– Anduril, measuring 8”;
– A Witch-king of Angmar’s Sword, measuring 10”;
– Gandalf the White’s Staff, measuring 12”;
– A double-sided Priority marker, featuring the white tree of Gondor on one side and the Eye of Sauron on the other.


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