Spurs: A Tale in the Old West – Gambler Expansion


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The Gambler Expansion is an exciting new addition to Spurs: A Tale in the Old West. 10 new Equipment Cards, rules for a 2 player game, and a new 6th character, The Gambler, complete with bullet bag and cowboy miniature!

Everything you ever wanted to make your Spurs Core Game playable for 2 or 6, or anything in between. Will you become the next Legend of the Old West?


1 black bullet bag
1 player miniature w/ snap-on base in light blue
1 oversized “The Gambler” character card
3 “No Duels” tokens
1 “High Noon” rules card for 2-6 players

9 Equipment Cards:
Camp Gear (x2)
Coffee (x2)
Spyglass (x2)
Henchman (x3; unique)


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