Savage Worlds: Rifts – Terror on the Dark Frontier


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Hansas Bleeds!

In Terror on the Dark Frontier, the Tomorrow Legion heads west under the big sky to explore new partnerships and uncover brewing conflicts that threaten the fragile peace. Aggressive Coalition expansion pressed the Comanche Preserve and many independent kingdoms must choose sides in the coming showdown. Ruthless Simvan raiders grow bolder while the 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry dispenses high plains justice. The buffalo roam again, but so do untold supernatural creatures and monsters.

The Plot Point Campaign boxed set zooms in on the western fringes of the of the Domain of Man to offer sandbox style play. The campaign book includes information on factions, settlements, and highlights of the area’s significant tensions. Plenty of regional Savage Tales, Encounters, and Travel Tables let you explore the frontier while uncovering a dark threat to the entire continent. Two large poster maps illustrate important locations in the campaign.

The player’s booklet gives your heroes a New West feel with Edges for the Combat Cyborg, Crazy, Priest, and Spirit Warrior, or play as the new Paradox Shaman MARS package. Then ride out to fight classic Rifts monsters with premium die-cut pawns like the Black Fairy, Grigleaper, Gwylack, Orborus Slitherer, Spirit Monster, Black-Winged Monster Men, and new horrors yet to be discovered.

Grab a list full of Bennies and discover all the ways to die in the New West!

This box contains:

  • 16-page Player’s Handbook
  • 86-page Region Guide
  • 88-page Adventure Book
  • 24-page Creature Manual
  • 2 Double-sided Poster Maps
  • Player Handouts
  • Pawns


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