Rocky Mountain Murder


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The Crime: Welcome to the beautiful world of Banff, Alberta: A playground of adventure . . . and intrigue! Charles Vandersnoot, the wealthy owner of posh ski resort, Mystery Mountain, shocked everyone in Banff when he announced he was dying of a rare disease. Even more shocking was when Charles was found murdered – killed by a single gunshot while riding his own chairlift!

Everyone is a suspect in this chilling crime! See if you can help expose the killer.

The Game: Spice up your party by adding a little mystery and a dash of murder to the evening. Just invite eight to ten guests to dress up and play the roles of the scheming suspects and you’re in for an evening of unforgettable fun! No one is who they appear to be . . . can you find the killer?

The Suspects: Bunny Vandersnoot, Cecilia Vandersnoot, Chet Jet-Set, Doctor T Bar, Franz Flash, Gertrude Greenrun, Hank “Hot Dog” Hooper & Rudy Red-Eyes
Extra Players (Non Suspects): Ranger Rick & Roxy Rundle


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