Rifts: World Book 20 – Canada


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World Book 20: Rifts® Canada

A comprehensive overview of Canada, including notable places, cities, towns, people, O.C.C.s, monsters and conflicts. While much of Canada has reverted to wilderness, there are pockets of civilization and technology, though not all of them human.

  • The Inuit Shaman O.C.C. and abilities.
  • 12 Monsters of the North, including the Sasquatch and Loup Garou.
  • 7 demonic beings including Demon Bears, Windigo and more.
  • 8 D-Bee R.C.C.s common to Canada, Cyber-Horsemen and more.
  • The Headhunter O.C.C. defined. Includes the Techno-Warrior, Assassin, Anti-Robot Specialist, Techno-Hound, and Momano Headhunter.
  • Tundra Ranger O.C.C.s: Ranger, Scout, Cavalry, and more.
  • Techno-Wizard Bionics and gear of the Tundra Rangers.
  • The Canadian frontier mapped and described.
  • City of Old Calgary, Fadetowns and more.
  • Rules for storms, flash floods and other weather.
  • Rules for hypothermia, exposure and arctic travel.
  • 192 pages, by Kevin Siembieda.


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