Rifts: World Book 16 – Federation of Magic


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Rifts® World Book 16: Federation of Magic, Revised

The people, forces and evil behind the Federation of Magic. Hidden magical cities, dangerous clans and faction, the City of Dweomer and tons of adventure ideas.

  • Overview & history of the Federation of Magic™.
  • 8 new magic O.C.C.s including the Conjurer, Grey Seers, the Mystic Knight, and the Magi.
  • The Lords of Magic and the City of Dweomer (with more detail than ever).
  • Special magic powers and abilities.
  • Magi Automatons, Techno-Wizard weapons and vehicles.
  • Alistair Dunscon and the “True” Federation of Magic.
  • The history and overview of the Federation of Magic.
  • Notable places, territories, leaders, and world information.
  • 160 pages.


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