Rifts: World Book 14 – New West


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Rifts® World Book 14: New West

At last, the Western Wilderness. Called the New West, it is a no man’s land filled with bandits, Simvan Monster Riders, dinosaurs, demons, intrigue and danger.

  • 17 new O.C.C.s, including the Cowboy, Gunslinger, Psi-Slinger, Wired Gunslinger, Bounty Hunter, and Justice Ranger.
  • 9 R.C.C.s and 25 monsters of the New West.
  • Rodeos and Cowboy skills like Branding, Roping and Trick Riding.
  • The history of Wilk’s Inc. and a new array of weapons.
  • Bandito Arms, a Black Market manufacturer.
  • Tons of new body armor, robot vehicles and weapons.
  • Cloud Magic and Techno-Wizard weapons & vehicles.
  • The Colorado Baronies and the 1st Apocalyptic Cavalry.
  • The Lyn-Srial Sky Knights, noble D-Bees who have claimed the Grand Canyon as their home.
  • Overview of the New West™, maps & world information.
  • 224 pages by Kevin Siembieda & Chris Kornmann.


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