Rifts: Mercenaries


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Rifts® Mercenaries

A giant sourcebook for the Rifts® Role-Playing Game.

  • 9 new Occupational Character Classes including the Bounty Hunter, Master Assassin, Smuggler, spies and more.
  • Rules for creating a mercenary company.
  • Six NPC mercenary companies are described, complete with key characters, villains, history and adventure ideas. Some are good, some evil, others more than they seem.
  • Transdimensional mercs and arms dealers.
  • More weapons and equipment from Northern Gun.
  • Scores of new weapons, bots and vehicles.
  • Additional hints and data about the Coalition States, Tolkeen, the Pecos Empire and visitors from other dimensions.
  • Tons of adventure ideas, characters and more!
  • 160 pages.


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