Power Rangers: Roleplaying Game – Hero Miniatures Set 2


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The Battle Continues!


The Power Rangers Roleplaying Game Miniatures Set 2 contains a variety of Ranger designs ready to paint and customize! Each one is based on an existing Ranger, but can also be used to represent a custom ranger of your own design!

The unpainted miniatures can be customized and painted to look like a player’s character and used on the game table to display and enact combat scenes and more. These minis fit on a standard 1” grid and are ready to battle right out of the box.

May the Power Protect you!


  • Popular characters from Power Ranger can be used as Threats or to represent your player character.
  • Unpainted miniatures allow flexibility in character representation.
  • 28mm size is perfect for standard RPG grid maps


  • Phantom Ranger
  • Zeo Gold Ranger
  • RPM Gold Ranger
  • RPM Silver Ranger
  • In Space SIlver Ranger
  • Psycho Red Ranger
  • Psycho Blue Ranger
  • Psycho Yellow Ranger
  • Psycho Pink Ranger
  • Psycho Black Ranger
  • Psycho Green Ranger
  • Psycho Silver Ranger


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