Pathfinder 2nd Edition: Kingmaker – Bestiary (5E)


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The world of Pathfinder comes to 5E for the first time! From feral beasts to supernatural spirits from the realm of fey, the Kingmaker Adventure Path forces heroes to test their might against hundreds of foes–be they bandit lords, evil kings, or demigods. This book presents rules for over 275 monsters and villains, 45 traps and hazards, and seven companion NPCs presented with a low-level and mid-level stat block, making them suitable for play as adventuring companions or even pregenerated player characters–all compatible with any Fifth Edition game. Designed to work alongside the new Pathfinder Adventure Path campaign book, this volume makes quick conversion of the campaign to 5E a breeze! Challenge your heroes while playing through the Kingmaker Adventure Path or populate a campaign entirely of your own design!


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