Pathfinder 2nd Edition: Book of the Dead Battle Cards


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Pathfinder’s Book of the Dead adds a massive number of undead creatures to use as adversaries and for summon spells in your game. These colorful quick-reference cards bring these creatures to life on your tabletop in all their horrifying detail! Each card features a beautiful, full-color image of a Book of the Dead creature on one side, while the other side provides that creature’s statistics. Hours of haunting horrors are finally at hand!

• This must-have accessory supports Pathfinder Book of the Dead, a rulebook collection of opponents and monsters for Pathfinder Second Edition.

• Pathfinder players have requested/demanded this type of product for more than a decade, and early response to the initial Bestiary Battle Cards have been very positive.

• A card for every Book of the Dead monster!


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