Pathfinder 2nd Edition: Agents of Edgewatch – Sixty Feet Under


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Pathfinder RPG (Second Edition) Adventure Path – Agents of Edgewatch – Sixty Feet Under: The Edgewatch agents follow up on a lead in Absalom‘s financial hub, where they unravel a series of clues to determine the target of an impending bank robbery and put a stop to the crime before it occurs. The robbery turns out to be just one piece to a much larger puzzle though—after the heroes investigate the bank robbers’ slummy thief den, the trail ultimately leads them into the city’s expansive network of underground catacombs, where the agents infiltrate and disband one of Absalom’s most vicious murder cults.

After stopping a perilous bank robbery, the Edgewatch agents follow the money to uncover the source of the street-level corruption. Within a long-lost corner of Absalom’s subterranean Catacombs, they find a cabal of murderous worshippers of the so-called Skinsaw Man. The agents will need to dig deeper than ever to take down the cult’s leader—a bloodthirsty butcher known as the Skinner—and get to the bottom of the zealots’ grand plot. The Agents of Edgewatch Adventure Path continues with “Sixty Feet Under,” a complete adventure for 4th- to 9th-level characters.


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