Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game 2nd Edition


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The Palladium Fantasy RPG®

Revised Second Edition

  • Over 25 Occupational Characters Classes including the Mind Mage, Diabolist, Summoner, Wizard, Palladin, Knight, Ranger, Thief, Long Bowman, Priest, Monk and others.
  • Over a dozen player races (and many more optional characters).
  • One of the most comprehensive, diverse, fun and playable magic systems ever devised.
  • Over 300 magic Wizard and Warlock spells.
  • 60 wards and 50 magic circles, plus mystic symbols and the (fictional) rune language.
  • The Alchemist and magic weapons, Rune Weapons, potions, fumes, scrolls, curses and more.
  • Psionic powers and psychic characters.
  • Demons, Giants, Faerie Folk and more.
  • World information, historical timeline and epic adventure.
  • Game Master and Player tips.
  • Compatible with the entire Megaverse┬«.
  • 336 pages by Kevin Siembieda.

A complete role-playing game.

Compatible with the entire Palladium Megaverse®!


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