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At first, people thought Dark Day – the day the sun did not rise anywhere on the planet – was the end of the world. When the sun rose again, everything looked the same, but it wasn’t. Some people have disappeared. Others seem different, darker, crueler, and the world seems more malevolent and dangerous.

Only the newly awakened Nightbane understand that governments and the authorities around the world are being quietly taken over by the sinister Nightlords and their Doppleganger minions. Demonic creatures from a mirror dimension filled with evil and dark magic. Only the Nightbane, born human but who learn they are something else, something more than human, and other creatures that live in the shadows such as vampires and Guardians, dare stand against the gathering darkness.

  • A role-playing game of modern horror, conspiracy, and self-discovery. A new genre we call superhero-horror.
  • You play the Nightbane®. Mostly young, seemingly ordinary people, who since Dark Day can transform into frightening or beautiful monsters blessed (or cursed) with superhuman powers and magic.
  • Nightbane® creation tables – each a different, horrific, human, or strangely beautiful being who wields powers they must learn to master or fall prey to the Nightlords and their demonic legions. Powers they can only unleash in the monstrous Morphus form.
  • Nightbane “Talents” are supernatural and magical abilities.
  • Nearly a dozen other player characters including the Sorcerer, Mystic, Vampire, Wampyre, Guardian and others.
  • Magic, psionic abilities, and supernatural powers.
  • Nightlords and their minions: the Hunters, Hounds, Hollow Men, etc.
  • Wicked Dopplegangers, mirror travel, magic, and more.
  • The hellish Nightlands™, madmen, and adventure ideas.


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