Pablo Escobar


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Travel back in time to an era where “the king of the cartels” ruled Colombia. Manage your own cartel and lead the production of “parcels” until they are sold in the US. Control your finance and become the best “parcel” producer or, alternatively, place your bet on marketing or transport. Specialize in different skills by increasing your power, finance, mobility or alliance to become the wealthiest criminal in history!

In the game you will try to transport your “parcels” as quickly as possible and eventually sell them. Manage your cartel by investing money in production, transport, coordination or marketing. Use your money in the right way to make sure you have your “parcels” in Florida as quickly as possible. Do you have the right skills to take your place in the world as king of the cartels, like Pablo Escobar?

Pablo Escobar: The Boardgame is an economical board game where players manage their cashflow and traffic flow of their products. The game is highly tactical, with a bit of luck and gamble. Players contain unique competence that differ each play session, so every game is unique.


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