Nightbane: World Book 3 – Through the Glass Darkly


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Palladium Books® Presents:

Through the Glass Darkly

For the Nightbane® RPG Series

Explore a side of magic you have never considered. Exactly how does magic work? Could it be a “living” thing? What happens when magic goes wrong? What other types of sorcerers are there? What lies beyond the Mirrorwall?

  • Over 50 new magic spells and new types of magic.
  • Rules for creating new and variant magic.
  • Magic charms, talismans, and artifacts.
  • New O.C.C.s include the Fleshsculptor, Cybermage, and Mirrormage.
  • The Nemesis R.C.C., a dangerous reflection in the Nightlands.
  • Food for thought: Could the Guardians and/or Lightbringers have a hidden agenda? Are they a dark force?
  • Literally dozens of stories, ideas, hooks, and suggestions.
  • Three full adventures — and none of them involving the Nightlords.
  • Living Pathways — portals to elsewhere.
  • Emphasis on horror and the macabre.
  • Over 150 pages!


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