Nightbane: World Book 2 – Nightlands


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For the Nightbane® RPG Series

Nightlands™ takes a closer look at the nefarious Nightlords, their minions, and the legendary force of evil behind them, The Dark. In addition, we are given a glance at their eternal twilight world beyond the darkening mirror known as the Nightlands.

  • A terrifying look at the Nightlands!
  • The secrets of The Dark and insights about the Nightlords.
  • Key cities and places in the Nightlands and on Earth.
  • King Moloch and notable Nightlords, villains and minions.
  • New Nightlord minions and monsters like the Great Hounds, Living Chariots, Skinners, Immortals and others.
  • Rune-like weapons known as “Artifacts.”
  • New Nightbane Morphus Tables and Talents.
  • World information, adventure ideas, and more.
  • 144 pages.


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