Nightbane: World Book 1 – Between the Shadows


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Nightbane® World Book 1: Between the Shadows

Between the Shadows explores three mysterious worlds. The first is the world of espionage, spies, duplicity and secrets as practiced by an organization known as Spook Squad — ex-CIA, FBI, DEA, and other operatives, soldiers in a war against the supernatural.

The Astral Plane, an endless expanse of swirling, white mists and clouds, but far more mysterious and alive than most Earth mystics realize. An entire dimension of the fantastic.

Even humankind’s dreams are not safe from the Nightlords and their minions. The Dreamstream is the creation of humankind’s collective subconscious, yet it is more than the stuff of lost dreams and desires — it is the domain of Living NightmaresGuilt Eaters, and dark personas waiting to strike while we sleep. Plus …

  • Over a dozen new character classes including the Astral Mage, Dream Dancer, and the Arcane Detective.
  • Spook Squad, its agents, organization, weapons and goals.
  • Astral and Dream magic, combat and predators.
  • New Nightbane Morphus Tables and Talents.
  • The secrets of the Astral Plane and Dreamstream.
  • World information, adventures, adventure ideas, and more.
  • The first of many supplements for the Nightbane® RPG series.


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