Necromunda: Book of the Outlands


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This book brings a new batch of “critical updates” to Warhammer 40K Matched Play games:

Featuring critical updates to Command point generation, secondary objectives, Warlord Traits, and Relics, this Grand Tournament mission pack is invaluable for anyone who enjoys matched play games of Warhammer 40,000, whether you’re a tournament veteran or simply like to ensure your battles are always fought on an even footing. 

There are also new missions for Incursion and Strike Force games. Plus a set of secondary objectives available to 40K’s disparate factions.

Necromunda gets a big shakeup with a swath of new releases as well. Starting with the Book of the Outlands, which opens up the Ash Wastes even further. Ash storms, waste vehicles, and so many squats await in the new book.

But the real hero of next week’s pre-orders, are Necromunda’s Trucks.

The Cargo-8 Ridgehauler is a heavily armored vehicle that looks wasteland ready. With weapons and space for a whole gang, there’s plenty about this to love already. But you can outfit your Necromundan truck/hauler with a set of gunner frames with heavy stubbers mounted to the hull.

But you can make a Mad Max style cargo train out of all of it. Build a truck as long as you want with the Cargo-8 Ridgehauler trailer.

Of course, Necromunda is full of things. And one of the big, well, small things of the new release are the new Ironhead Squad Prospectors. Equipped with hammers, heavy weapons, and some sealed hazardous environment armor, they’ll take on everything Necromunda has to offer.

Which they’ll need if you’re going to run into Vespa ‘Minx’ Merdena, who rides on the back of a quad with a belt-fed rocket launcher. Explosions for one and all.

Finally the Wy’tari Stormcaller is here, riding on a Dustback Helamite, this mysterious figure can summon dust storms, and more, by calling upon “shamanic powers.”


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