Mystery Detective Volume 1: Classic Cases


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Mystery Detective is a mystery solving party game that you can start playing almost as soon as you open the box.

One player, the Chief, takes one of the 100 illustrated cards and reads it to himself. The front of the card has the mystery, the back the solution. Then he reads the front of the card to the players and shows them the illustration. The other players are the detectives. Singly and together, they try to solve the mystery by asking the Chief questions. But he can only answer Yes, No, Close, or Not Relevant.

Here is the first mystery:
A woman dies because she was on the phone too long.

We often talk too long on the phone but don’t die! What’s going on?

The detectives discuss and try to form theories that can be proved or disproved by their questions:
A lovers’ quarrel?
Was the woman killed by her husband? – no
By her lover?- no

Okay, maybe international espionage:
Was the woman a spy? – no, not relevant

Hmm. Maybe we can localize this.
Was the woman lying down?- no
Standing up? – no
Sitting? – YES!!

Now we’re getting somewhere…

Bit by bit the detectives try to piece together the mystery. Often a question from one detective will give another an idea for a whole new line of questioning. There is no winner or loser but when you finally solve the mystery, you feel brilliant!

The mysteries, while not all crimes, are morbid and twisted and often very funny. You need to discuss, question and think outside of the box in order to solve them. Great fun, you can play almost anywhere, anytime. In the car, at the dinner table or at a gathering, all are perfect for this co-cop mystery solving game.

This volume contains 100 cases.
For Black Stories fans, this first volume includes new translations of Black Stories 1 and 2.


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