Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game: Matched Play Guide


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The Matched Play Guide is an expansion for the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game. This 48-page supplement contains definitive guidelines for running tournaments and gaming weekends, and encompasses the likes of single tournaments, double tournaments and campaign events. All of the rules you need will need to compete in or run any of these events can be found here, as well as all of the current Matched Play Scenarios.

This expansion includes:

  • Rules for organizing gaming events, including how to score players, pair up players, and determine the Scenarios that will be in use.
  • 18 Matched Play Scenarios, including six that are brand new to the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game.
  • All the rules for running doubles events, including six specially formulated doubles Scenarios.
  • A system to run campaign events and a map to use during your events.
  • A selection of additional rules that you can use to add variety to your own events.


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