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It’s a beautiful spring day — the perfect weather for a walk in the forest! You put on your jacket, lace up your boots and set out.

The leaves rustle on the trees, and the sunlight shines through the branches. A gentle breeze blows as you take a deep breath of forest air. Lost in your thoughts, you turn once here and then again there, sometimes going left and sometimes turning right… Suddenly you hear something rustling behind you in the bushes. You take a few cautious steps towards the noise and discover…a goose?! And it’s talking to a goblin? Then all of a sudden, your friends are standing next to you in the forest…

Umm. You decide it might best to head home quickly. There seems to be something wrong with this forest…

Which is the shortest way back? You’re in luck as the fairy tale characters decide to show you, but your friends are constantly changing the path in Memorinth in their own attempts to get home the quickest. However, with a bit of luck and memory, you’ll be the first to get out of the labyrinth!


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