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In this corgi themed game players use their Incorgnito cards wisely to gather information about a secret item, sniffing around for the correct answer. Go “Incorgnito” to be the best dogtective of the bunch!

Each secret item card contains an image of a corgi dressed up in costume. One player is the clue giver and the other players are tasked with guessing what item the clue giver has. The clue giver starts the round by saying “the secret item is a little bit like a corgi.”

The play proceeds with the player on the left choosing an Incorgnito card from their hand and placing it face up and asking if the secret item is more like the item pictured on the Incorgnito card.

The clue giver will confirm or deny and give one reason why.
Play continues in this manner until a player chooses to “sniff” out the secret item, if correct they are awarded points, if they are wrong play continues until the item is guessed.

At the end of the game, when each player has been clue giver twice, the points are tallied and the player with the most points wins.


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