Hunter: The Reckoning – The Nocturnal


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The Children of the Night…

Vampires. Rots. Leeches. The name doesn’t matter. All of them are inhuman, undead parasites that feed off of the living and keep humanity under their thumb. They may have worked from the shadows before, but hunters see them now. The imbued know, and they won’t let the nightcrawlers have their way anymore. It’s time that bloodsuckers were shown the light – daylight.

Must Be Disciplined

Hunter: The Nocturnal explores the undead realm of vampires as hunters perceive it, learning leeches’ strengths, fears and weaknesses. But rots have discovered hunters, too. When ancient and mysterious vampires meet new and unprecedented hunters, there can only be bloodshed. Mortal or immortal, we all destroy what we don’t understand.


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