HORDES: Circle Orboros – Tharn Ravagers


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Tharn Ravagers Circle Orboros – 4-man Unit — P roduct Description — The Tharn have always been able to channel the savage power of the Devourer Wurm by bellowing a call before battle to enter a chaotic frenzy. Legends of inhuman deprivations among the Ravagers are true, for they hunger to tear out and eat the hearts of their prey. With such acts of frenzied cannibalism they deliver deadly attacks while their eyes glow with berserk madness. Included in this listing is the Hordes: Circle Orboros Unit, the Tharn Ravagers box set. This set includes 1 Beast Lord and 3 Tharn Ravagers to make a total of 4 figures. Each is cast from lead-free pewter and comes brand new, unassembled and unpainted inside the box.


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