Heroes Unlimited 2nd Edition: Century Station


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Century Station

A Heroes Unlimited, 2nd Edition Sourcebook

An entire city full of heroes, villains, superhumans, mutants, criminals, aliens and secrets.

A playground for crimebusters and superhuman adventurers of all kinds. A great sourcebook for G.M.s and players alike with scores of heroes (optional player characters) and villains.

  • Mega-City of Century Station mapped and described.
  • A wealth of world information.
  • 51 villains!
  • 40 heroes plus lawmen and other forces.
  • Criminal masterminds and Syndicates.
  • The Sector and anti-alien groups.
  • 101 adventure settings and ideas!
  • Written by Bill Coffin.
  • 224 pages of fun and adventure!


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