Hero Wars: Narrator’s Book, Game Mastering in the Hero Wars


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Narrators are the leaders of Gloranthan roleplaying. No games occur without your leadership.

~ This book is a tool kit for the narrator of a Hero Wars game. It contains hints on how to control the higher social aspects of the world so that players can get bonuses or penalties for their great actions. It provides a sampling of creatures and also of hero bands that can be used to help or to hinder the players. It also introduces some of the basic facts about the world of Glorantha. It gives hints and tips on how to run adventures, from choosing a contest to creating your own episodes and series.
~ This is Glorantha, world of high fantasy, deep myth and low intrigue. This is the time of the Hero Wars, when gods fall, nations are toppled and great leaders rise to the forefront of the world that is to come.
~ Narrator’s Book is a play aide for Hero Wars, which you must also own to play the game. We suggest that game masters will greatly enhance their game with a copy of Glorantha.


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