H.P. Lovecraft Preparatory Academy (Paperback Cover – Standard Rules)


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H. P. Lovecraft Preparatory Academy

As a student at the prestigious H.P. Lovecraft Preparatory Academy, you’ll uncover conspiracies, deal with bullies and uncaring professors, explore dangerous steam tunnels, study for exams, escape from horrible monstrosities that humanity was never meant to see, and try to avoid an extended stay at Arkham Sanitarium. And that’s just orientation week!

  • A semi-humorous RPG in the tradition of Saturday morning cartoons featuring mystery-busting kids…only the monsters are real.
  • Features a detailed sandbox environment on the campus of a haunted New England boarding school.
  • Six different Student Types to choose from, including Witches, Summoners, or Mad Scientists.
  • A simple task resolution derived from the PDQ System: roll 2d6 + skill modifier against a target number.
  • Design your own faculty! Want Dr. Frankenstein to be the new Biology professor? No problem!
  • Thanks to the medical breakthroughs developed by Dr. West in the school infirmary, your character can’t die…but sanity is another matter entirely.
  • Tons of optional rules to customize your individual game.


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