Guild Ball: The Blacksmith’s Guild – Culverin and Cutlass

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Culverin has made her fortune and fame far from the pitch as the Silver Admiral, a well respected leader of a fleet powerful enough to rival that of a Sovereign State. She arrives now to the fields of Guild Ball to master and command her team instead, heralded by the titanic blast of cannonfire and a deadly burst of grapeshot….

Drafted in the Free Cities Draft Community Event, Cutlass might not have been the Blacksmith’s Guild’s first choice but she’s certainly here to establish she was the right one! Working in tandem with Culverin to protect her team’s goal, the Sly Privateer apprentice is a perfect accompaniment to her master.
Blacksmith’s Guild coaches and RPG gamers looking for awesome female pirates will not want to miss out on this master and apprentice dual release.


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