Fill in the Blanks


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  • Story Time: This is the party game where you create your own stories.
  • Family Fun: This family game is designed for ages 8+ and is encouraged to be played with 3+ players (of all ages).
  • How To Play: Each round begins with a rotating judge drawing a story card and reading the first sentence aloud. The other players then write down a word or phrase that fills in the first blank. After every player has submitted their word or phrase, the judge chooses their favorite and places it on the story card upside down. This continues for every line. At the end of the story, the judge reads the completed story, revealing the winning submissions!
  • How To Win: Every winning word is worth 1 point; tally up every player’s points at the end of each story and play as many rounds as you like. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins.
  • What’s Inside: Includes 120 story cards, 1,200 write-in papers, 6 pencils, and instructions


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