Exalted: Kingdom of Halta


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Lords of the Forest The Liniowan call them man-apes, people who are no better than beasts. Savants claim that these people can be only Wyld-twisted slaves of the Fair Folk. Yet they and their animal companions live free and prosperous in the forests of the Northeast, and pay no tribute to the despotic Realm. Now, at the dawn of the Age of Sorrows, the trees no longer afford shelter. Where will the Haltan nation stand in an age of warring gods and heroes? Masters of BeastsKingdom of Haltadetails the people of this land, with their arboreal society, their animal servants and their endless war with the Linowan. Inside, players and Storytellers alike discover the secrets of Haltan trade with the Far East, pacts with the Fair Folk, and an ancient resistance to the Realm.


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